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We Speak Hospitality

Commercial Building Consultants, LLC is an international Commercial Real Estate Consulting and Due Diligence Firm that works closely with our clients to assess, enhance, preserve, and protect the equity value of their assets.

CBC provides Signature Services to our clients in all aspects of Commercial Real Estate. But when it comes to travel, CBC Speaks Hospitality.

Our team spends an average of 260 nights per year in hotels across the United States and abroad. When CBC works on a Hospitality Project, we know the project from the inside out. We encourage you to review the Signature Services that CBC offers, and let's talk hospitality!

CBC understands the hospitality industry. We appreciate what travelers need, want, and experience during traveling - both in a business and personal aspect.

CBC studies the changes and trends in CRE. We take a look at the big picture and rely on our experience on the road to refine our Signature Services for the hospitality industry.

CBC has emerged as a leader and innovator in the Commercial Real Estate Consulting and Due Diligence industry.

CBC's Signature Services

  • Asset Management Services

  • Capital Reserves

  • Construction & Development Consulting

  • Due Diligences Services

  • Environmental Services

  • Owner's Representation

  • Project Management


We see it, we experience it, we understand it, and we speak it.

CBC also provides a collection of additional services that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Contact us at 407.447.5881 or email us at for more information.

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