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Construction Loan Monitoring

Bank Draws

Bank draw inspections are performed for lenders of construction loans. The purpose of the bank draw inspection is to verify that work completed to date for the loan disbursement request is consistent with the actual work in place for the project. Our team offers experience from both the construction and development sectors of the industry which allows us to provide unique perspectives and calculate accurate figures for completion percentages for various types of projects.

Project Oversight

CBC performs Project Oversight for ground-up, renovation, and site improvement construction. Project Oversight is performed for developers or project owners who want to closely monitor their projects. When CBC performs Project Oversight services for our clients, we review all construction documents, including pre-construction plans, budget, schedule, and scope. CBC continues to monitor the project on a bi-weekly/monthly/quarterly basis (as requested by the client) while concentrating on the quality of work being performed, manpower levels, and conformance to the original contract, schedule, and budget.

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View our Projects page to see just a small sample of the thousands of jobs that CBC has had the pleasure to have worked on over the past 19+ years.

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