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Design 41 Luxury

Retail Center

This complex offers professional offices, store-front locations, showrooms, and a roof-top restaurant. The seven-story structure is centrally located to South Beach, Downtown Miami, and Brickell and is intended to exude cultural aura. CBC was contracted to provide a Property Condition Assessment detailing the condition of each building system with a summary of the repair needs. A summary
Project Overview
Type: Mixed-use
Service: PCA
Year Built: 2017
Square Footage: 85,000
of the repair needs. CBC continued to consult with the client throughout their due diligence period to serve as a Project Management Consultant between the buyer, developer, and contractor.

Heritage Landing Golf Community

No stranger to the Heritage Landing Golf Community, CBC had worked with the Community Development District (CDD) on several occasions providing Consulting, Reserves, and Facility Condition Assessment services over the years. The facility consists of athletic fields, tennis and basketball courts, playground, picnic pavilion, RV storage, two pools, waterslide, pedestrian bridge, fishing pier, bus stop, 
 shelter, and paved parking and landscaped areas. The assessments resulted in a report detailing the life expectancies of each asset and created a Replacement Reserve Budget to be used by the community as a gauge for how much to invest in current and short- and mid-term capital expenditures.
Project Overview
Service: Capital Reserve Study
Year Built: 2003
Square Footage: 8,300

Historic Metcalf Building

The Historic Metcalf Building was constructed in 1923 as one of Orlando’s first high-rise office buildings. The brick-style building boasts high-end interior finishes with a modern feel for its plethora of professional office tenants. The ten-story building was named after H.W. Metcalf who purchased the building in the midst of the Great Depression. CBC was contracted to perform a Property Condition Assessment and Capital
Project Overview
Type: High-Rise Office
Service: PCA 
Year Built: 1923
Square Footage: 40,000
Reserve Study on the Metcalf Buildng in September of 2019.

Aquatica Venture Condominiums

Overlooking the beautiful Hillsborough Bay in Downtown Tampa, the Aquatica on Bayshore Condominium and Apartment complex offers luxury residences with lavish amenities, including a roof-top pool and a modern fitness center. The 16-story high-rise offers residents a city-living feel with unbelievable views. CBC performed Bank Draw Inspections for the client providing the construction loan throughout the entirety of the ground-up construction process.
Project Overview
Type: Condominium
Service: Bank Draw Inspections
Years Built: 2016-2020 
Condo Units: 32 

Amazing Explorer's Academy

an early childhood educational institution focused on encouraging children to explore and learn in their own ways. The Amazing Explorers Academy currently has seven schools in the Central Florida area with another location in Viera currently being constructed! CBC provided a Plan & Cost Review to the client so they could ensure that the project adheres to the Original plans, specifications, budget,
Project Overview
Type: Educational
Service: Plan & Cost Review
Year Built: In-progress 
Square Footage: 14,100 
schedule, and scope. CBC is also currently providing the Bank Draw Inspections for the construction of the new Viera facility.

City of Orlando Fire Station No. 6

CBC identified any deficiencies related to the building systems: site development; exterior and interior systems; fire and life safety; HVAC, electrical, plumbing; and, ADA Competing in the bid process for the Facility Condition Assessment of the Executive Airport, Fire Station No. 6. The assessment allowed GOAA to make an informed decision on potential investment 
Project Overview
Type: Municipal Fire Station
Service: FCA
Year Built: 1979
Square Footage: 7,200  
opportunities and estimated remaining useful life of the facility. The findings assisted GOAA’s Purchasing Department to better grasp the critical repairs and impending needs of the property.

City of Wildwood Community Centers

CBC was contacted by the City of Wildwood to provide Facility Condition Assessments on three separate properties in Wildwood, Florida. The City requested the FCA’s included the City of Wildwood Community Center, Martin Luther King Community Center, and the Oxford Community Center. We assessed the properties and opined on the facility’s ability to withstand hurricane-force
Project Overview
Type: Community Center
Service: FCA
Year Built: 2002
Square Footage: 20,000 
weather and be operated as a citizen refugee shelter during a crisis. The zoning for the facilities is Municipal use (08900).

Merion Riverwalk Apartments

Project Overview
Type: Multifamily
Service: PCA
Year Built: 2013
Units: 250
Given CBC’s extensive history working with projects of this scope and geography, the client requested that CBC focus mainly on the potential grading/erosion and pipe corrosion issues, as the property sits atop a ravine overlooking the Housatonic River.
Formally known as the Avalon Shelton Apartments, Merion Riverwalk is a Class-A, 100% market, 250-unit multifamily community that offers a new, attractive layout with modern amenities. The complex was being purchased by a Real Estate Investment and Management firm when CBC was asked to perform the Property Condition Assessment.

Steak 'n Shake

Steak ‘n Shake is a casual dining restaurant with over 600 locations throughout the United States. In 2018, Steak ‘n Shake announced a change in their business model to a franchise partner system. This allowed franchisees to have more autonomy in how their single restaurant operated. CBC was contracted by a client to perform a Pre-Lease Assessment and a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) on 
Project Overview
Type: Restaurant
Service: Phase I ESA & PCA
Year Built: 1997
Square Footage: 4,100
the site.​ The Pre-Lease Assessment was order because the client was interested in purchasing the restaurant property and engaging in a Leaseback Agreement with the franchisee.

Four Corners Apartments

CBC performs equity-level Property Condition Assessments for lenders and real estate investors who are stakeholders with equity in the investment. CBC’s commercial building assessors document the condition of the major building systems and opine on the probable cost to correct any immediate repair needs or life safety issues. CBC follows Standard and Poor’s ASTM E2018:15 Standard Guide for Property Condition
Project Overview
Type: Multifamily
Service: Oversight 
Year Built: 2016
Units: 390
Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process

Orange County Office 

CBC performs equity-level Property Condition Assessments for lenders and real estate investors who are stakeholders with equity in the investment. CBC’s commercial building assessors document the condition of the major building systems and opine on the probable cost to correct any immediate repair needs or life safety issues. CBC follows Standard and Poor’s ASTM E2018:15 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments:
Project Overview
Type: Office Building
Service: PCA
Years Built: 1981-1985
Square Footage: 20,200 
Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process.

Morningstar Storage Facility

After deliberate investigation of the roof, the CBC team moved to the building’s interior where water had begun to pool in multiple locations on each floor.After viewing five different locations at the interior, observation of the T-bar found that water had made its way through the gaps in the parapet walls, traveled via gravity flow through the decking, and was then moving across the T-bar about ten feet 
before dripping to the concrete flooring. Along the perimeter of the building, there was ponding water at many storefront window locations and yard drains. The water had failed to drain causing it to go inside the building. It was concluded that the major factors were clogged yard drains, inadequate overflow capacity for the on-site retention pond, and poor workmanship with the installation of the landscaping
Project Overview
Type: Storage Facility
Service: Forensic Investigation
Year built: 2018
Square Footage: 100,500 
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