CBC... More Than Meets the Eye!

It’s always exciting when picture time comes around at the CBC Headquarters, as everyone is trying to look as spiffy as possible.

This month, the CBC staff were able to partake in this tradition as part of the revamping of our website. When it was decided that new staff photos were needed, our Vice President, Scott Pruitt, raised his hand and said, “Count on me to be the photographer!” We welcomed his enthusiasm and set up the photo shoot. Scott provided all the equipment, lights, and diffusers that he utilizes in his personal photography hobby. Little did we know that he would expertly lead the team in a burst of flashes and poses.

Our staff was thrilled at how well he made us all look! We invite you to look at our new staff headshots on our website: and if you would like to admire more work by Mr. Pruitt, we strongly encourage you to visit and enjoy the beautiful sights he has encountered in his personal and professional travels.

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