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We love our clients and are so lucky to work with so many great, unique and diverse companies and people. We love what we do and get so excited when we are presented with something new or challenging. We are also so grateful to be able to work all over the country in so many different and unique cities and communities. However, every once in a while, we get that challenge or request, but we just can't be of help.

Recently, we received a phone call that was very unique. As we work not only all over the US, but in Canada and the Caribbean, it is typical for CBC to receive phone calls for projects in other cities (as most know we are based out of Orlando, Florida). This one came in from a city in the northeast. We had a message left for us asking for our help. It appears that they had checked into a hotel and during their stay they found bugs. As many hotels that we stay in over the year, we can absolutely understand how unsettling this type of discovery can be. They had spoken with housekeeping but with no luck, so they turned to the internet to see if they could find a building inspection company to assess the situation. Although our website was one of the top listed sites for building inspections for this community, we regretfully were unable to help.

This may sound like a strange request for a company like CBC, but for us, it makes us smile. We are able to reach out to so many different communities and hope that we are welcoming enough that our clients and potential clients are able to reach out to us for any question or need. Although, like in this case, we are unable to provide them with the help and services that they need, we will always be willing to help guide a caller in the right direction and try to help them find someone who can, and that is a source of great satisfaction.

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