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Orlando Fire Station No. 6

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City of Wildwood

Community Center

Facility Condition Assessment was performed on the Oxford Community Center in Wildwood, Florida

Community Center
Community Center

Facility Condition Assessment was performed on the Martin Luther King Jr Community Center in Wildwood, Florida

Martin Luther King Jr
Community Center
Martin Luther King Jr
Community Center


Forensic Investigation


Building and Property Forensic Investigations focus on identifying and locating root causes for deficiencies with major building systems. CBC investigation methods go beyond the traditional construction defect inspection. Our team begins by interviewing clientele to gain a full understanding of the extent and duration of the ongoing defect. After gaining insight, we set forth a plan to identify the origin of the defect and recommend repair and correction methods that would be appropriate for each particular building system.

Capital Reserve Study/CapEx Budget

Capital Reserve Studies provide an overview of the capital expenditures that a property will require over a period of time. These studies allow public entities to make fiscally-conscious decisions for their facilities portfolio. Reserve Studies are aimed at identifying all common area building systems, including facility amenities, public parks, and pavement. Reserve Studies allow cities, counties, or states to have an accurate, reliable sense of their financial future over the specified term.

Facility Condition Assessments


Facility Condition Assessments are performed municipal and governmental entities who are seeking to purchase, sell, or renovate their community's facilities. CBC’s commercial building assessors document the condition of the major building systems and opine on the probable cost to correct any immediate repair needs or life safety issues. CBC follows Standard and Poor’s ASTM E2018:15 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process.

Our assessors will not only provide a detailed Facility Condition Report with an Immediate Repair Need Cost Estimation Table, but they will also consult with the representatives to gain a better understanding of the future intended use for the property.